Easter Mantel

Happy Spring Everyone! There is something so refreshing about welcoming Spring. All the flowers are blooming and fresh air is felt throughout. I love this time of year when Easter is near. Easter is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. I love placing Easter and Spring decorations throughout my home. It does not have to be expensive to place items around your home. You can go to your ... View Post

Thursday Thoughts – Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is days away and many folks head over to where there is lots of sun, sand and sea.  In my case; however, we usually have a staycation and enjoy local areas here in Texas. In addition, I like to catch up in my house to de-clutter, enjoy spring cleaning and decorating.  I know, you must be thinking what a fun life I live.  Ha.  Anyhow, regardless of where I go, I love to dress ... View Post

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever since I was a teenager, my Mama would have my sister and I help her bake cakes at home.    We would make a lot of baked goods for church fund raisers.  Now, this tradition has continued with my children.  I love baking and have also taught my kids to bake. One of my favorite recipes ever is one that I follow every time I bake chocolate chip cookies.  Several years ago, I decided to buy a ... View Post

Home Office

Spring time is near and I tend to get the sudden urge to organize and declutter.  My husband laughs about how I am always moving things around in my house.  It is simply because I like to change up looks and refresh them in different areas in our home. My home office is no exception.  This is where I spend a lot of my day working away.  It needs to be near perfect so I can enjoy every moment of ... View Post

Thursday Thoughts: Think Pink

SHOP THE LOOK (click on images below): February is half gone and that means one thing, Spring is near! I don't know about you but I am so ready! I do not like winter, unless it is only a picturesque, snowy background with snowy pine trees! Being from Michigan, I love a lot of snow and pine trees. However, I dislike cold temperatures and so glad Texas does not have long winters. Texas has a ... View Post

DIY Spa Day

The majority of Mamas out there tend to place us last on our list to take care of ourselves.  I think it is by nature that we want to mother everyone else and just forget about ourselves most of the time.  This year we made a resolution to take more care of ourselves, remember. Each week, I try to carve out time for "Mama Spa Time"!  What is an DIY Spa Day?  Well, you may not know what it is if ... View Post

Valentine’s Day Decor

One of my favorite hobbies to do is to decorate.  I always wanted to be an interior decorator but ended up working in a Corporation for years and years.  My passion is decorating my home.  I love all things pretty and just get excited when my eyes are pleased when seeing something beautiful. Simplicity is key for me.  I don't like to over-decorate or have anything too busy. ... View Post

Jalapeño Poppers

    What is a popper?  Poppers are jalapeño peppers that have been hallowed, stuffed with a mixture of cheese, bacon, spices, meat and then heated. My family loves hot peppers, salsa and anything spicy.  I must always have some kind of peppers in my kitchen as I make something spicy almost daily.  My brother-in-law used to make these for my sister when he lived and she loved ... View Post

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